Panama City Studios

Link to my audio reel: Ian’s Audio Reel

Panama City Studios is a warm and inviting home for musicians and creative souls as well as a fully functioning musical production and audio post-production facility. The brain child of songwriter/producer/engineer Ian de K, Panama City Studios is a place where creation takes place and where magic happens. Providing all manner of audio and musical services, Panama City Studios can do it all, or fill in whatever might be missing.

Whether you are an artist wanting to RECORD YOUR OWN SONG

Or, you are a production company LOOKING FOR AN ORIGINAL COMPOSITION


Panama City Studios has the answer.

The focus has always been, and will always be, on the music. Over the last five years Panama City Studios has devoted itself to being an environment that is conducive to creation, and where the philosophy is that it is the artist that is central to any project and where the goal is to support and promote that talent.

Panama City Studios is a place that prides itself on being able to see projects through from acorn to oak. No stage of the process is ignored and every detail is scrutinized until the product is as good as it can be.

Ideal for solo artists or larger projects alike, no matter what the style or how far along in the process a project may be, Panama City Studios can help you add that missing piece of the puzzle, or take your song to the next level. Whether it’s a new guitar sound you’re looking for, a simple remix of your song, or a full strings arrangement, Panama City Studios has the solution.